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Grocery Ordering

Please let us know your grocery store preference.
Smith's, Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or Costco
We will follow all Covid sanitation protocols to the best of our ability


Download the AnyList App from

Google Play or Apple Store(it is a free app)

If you don't want to use the app, you have the option to email your list to us at

any list logo.png


Create your grocery list in the app. Please be sure to include any details such as item weights or quantities,  preference for organic or gluten free items, brand or size preferences etc...



You can choose to share your grocery list from the app

via e-mail by sending it to

or you can choose to share it by texting it to (435)659-9625

please make sure to include the delivery address, desired delivery time and any special instructions such as door codes etc...

in order to access the property



Deposits can be made via Venmo @Michelle-Barnhart-19
A $75.00 deposit is required in order to secure your shopping delivery



Grocery Inventory Rates

We will stock your kitchen and bar with your chosen items picked fresh on the day of your arrival.

We will deliver your items to your door and even put them away for you.

 $30.00/hour shopping & delivery fee and a 20% service fee (calculated on items purchased) added to order total.

 A minimum fee of one hour is charged for all orders.

If your order takes less than an hour, the regular rate will be charged.

Orders require a minimum $75.00 deposit before shopping.

We charge $40..00/ hour on all Holiday’s and for special events in Park City.

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