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So I started my Personal Concierge business last fall. I knew that the jobs were going to be random at first. That is part of the fun. Each week brings new adventures. Since then, I have done several different small jobs including pet/house sitting, airport transportation, guided snowshoeing, garage and pantry de-clutter and organize, I am just finishing up a website for one person and will be starting another soon.

My first big job came to me the week of Christmas. I was tasked with stocking a staged model home with a full kitchen of small appliances, dishes, utensils etc... as well as bedding, towels, floor mats. trash cans(you get the gist) for a party of 17 that were visiting Utah for a week.

I first took a video inventory of the house as it was, then removed all of the staged bedding and decor and stored it and then replaced it with items that were purchased in 3 massive shopping sprees. All purchased items were unpacked, washed and put away.

In addition to readying the house, I was also tasked with booking recreation activities for the group such as ski lessons, tubing and sleigh rides.

This really was a very big job, a bit of trial by fire for me. I am happy to say that it all went smoothly. The house was stocked and set up for them when they arrived and I was able to get them the booked for the activities they wanted despite it being one of the busiest weeks of the winter season.

When they left, I went back to the house and did everything in reverse. All purchased items were packed up and put into storage and all staging decor was returned to its original place. The owners of the house were pleased with the services and I was happy to have pulled off such a large amount of work by myself on time and in detail all while working my day job as well.

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