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Digital Marketing/Web Support 

Getting Started as a new business owner can be daunting. Knowing where to start and how to navigate the digital media world can be time consuming and frustrating. I provide digital media help to new entrepreneurs as well as busy, seasoned business owners that just need a hand with the behind the scenes tasks. I can help create a brand new website or update an existing one. I can create a social media marketing plan and design ads that target your desired audience. I also help clean up and organize your operation,

or I can jump in and help answer emails, do data entry or appointment setting if you find yourself temporariliy understaffed. 

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Website Design Packages

Start from Scratch

I mostly use Wix to design sites, but I can also use any other drag and drop platforms to creat a brand new website that you the owner have control of and that I can help teach you to use. Once the site is completed, I will help connect your domain to it and transfer ownership of it to you. If you would like me to continue to provide support, I will stay on as an administrator for your site to help add additional content or troubleshoot any issues. This package includes:

Initial Consultation :

Concept - We will discuss your vision for the site, your goals for you business and who your target market is. 

Branding - We will discuss the look and feel that you would like the site to have as well as color scheme. 

Content Creation - What would you like your target market to know. 

Basic SEO - I will create page titles and content that uses key words that will help drive traffic to your site.

2edits - You will have two opportunities after the initial consult to make any changes to the design or content of the site before it is completed.

Any additional edits will be charged at an hourly rate.

 Total Cost: $1200.00

Spruce it Up

If you need help with an existing site that needs to be updated, redesigned or modernized, I do that too. I will consult with you about your goals for the site. I will then go through your site and make some suggestions for corrections. Once we are in agreement, I will spruce it up.


Back End Support

Need to add a few new elements to your site such as e-commerce or you need a page built for a special event. Perhaps you are looking to add merchant services or you need some trouble shooting help. I can jump in and support your business operation so that you can get on with business as usual.


Website Design
Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

I offer administrative support for you and your business, I can schedule appointments, make phone calls, arrange travel, or organize emails or any other task you may need tackled.


Social Media Mangement

Social Media Support

I can help identify your target audience, create engaging ad campaign, and set up a social media strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Nextdoor and Tik Tok.


Why Choose Me

I have started and run two businesses, I know the frustration associated with needing to take care of the necessary back end tasks while also dealing with the day to day operations of a business. I'm am creative, proactive and responsive. I love problem solving, brainstorming and helping to implement unique marketing plans or to handle the the back end daily tasks so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

I thrive on creating personal experiences. I do my best to listen to your needs, your dreams and your desires and then create something that showcases your unique vision. I love supporting you! Let's get busy creating your dream!

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